About Broken 8 Marketing

Founded on the 21st of November 2016, Broken 8 Records has grown to become one of Australia's most prominent and respected independent music sites. Built on a passion for music and the belief that every artist deserves their time in the spotlight, we've forged an impressive reputation for high-quality work and outstanding customer service.

Dedicated to promoting, reviewing, and helping out some of the best new talents from around the world, we're proud to introduce Broken 8 Marketing, our new imprint dedicated to getting your music heard. Specialising in music reviews, artist interviews, music premieres, and dedicated social media campaigns, we've got the perfect platform for any artist.

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Meet The Team

Thomas Bedward

The founder and current operator of Broken 8 Records, Tom has over a decade of experience with music and writing. After picking up a copy of The Libertine's eponymous album on vinyl way back in 2004, he's been hooked on music and records ever since, amassing a collection of over two hundred LP's, eight of which are sadly no longer with us, hence the name Broken 8 Records.


An ardent music fan ever since, Broken 8 Records was built to give every artist their time in the spotlight.

[ BROKEN 8 MARKETING ] is proudly owned and operated by Broken 8 Records


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